18 Best Wallets for Women 2022

best wallets for women


Immensely important yet often overlooked, a good wallet has the potential to take on a major role both in your closet and your daily life. You’re probably well accustomed to thinking about your wallet in a broad sense, like “How much cash do I have on me?” or the ever-stressful “Where did I put my wallet?” Let us not forget, however, that the wallet itself is of nearly equal importance. Nearly.

From a keyring coin purse to an evening crossbody bag, there are no limits as to what it can look like, what it can do, or how long it can last. At its best, a wallet is much more than just the mini bag that lives inside your slightly larger work bag or the side pocket of your gym bag.

However, such potential comes with the caveat of indecision, and thus we present to you the ultimate guide to the best designer wallets your heart could desire. Do some thinking, whittle it down to your top pros, cons, colors, shapes, and sizes, and get shopping. Scroll on for the 18 best wallets for women.

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Pretty in Pink


Flap Cardholder

Material Sustainably tanned leather
Dimensions H 2.9 in x W 4.1 in x D 0.5 in
Colors Black, Stone, Rose

Parisian Periwinkle


Demi-Lune Compact Wallet

Material Sustainably tanned leather
Dimensions H 3.9 in x W 12 in x D 0.8 in
Colors Violet

Classic Chic


Sandon Check E-Canvas & Leather Card Case

Material Textile, Leather
Dimensions W 4 in x H 3 in x D 0.25 in
Colors Burberry plaid

Editor Approved


The Leather Accordion Wallet

Material Sustainably tanned leather
Dimensions H 2.74 in x W 4.25 in
Colors Tan, Black

On the Go


Card Case with Keychain

Material Synthetic leather
Dimensions W 4.4. in x H 3.38 in
Colors 43 options

Color Play

Comme des Garçons

Pink & Orange Fluo Squares Zip Wallet

Material Goatskin leather
Dimensions H 3.5 in x W 4.25 in
Colors Pink/orange, Red/blue, Green/orange

Haute Pink


Embroidered Leather Wallet

Material Calfskin
Dimensions H 3.5 in x W 4.3 in x D 1.2 in
Colors Pink

Iconic Logo


Ophidia Textured Leather-Trimmed Continental Wallet

Material Coated canvas and leather
Dimensions H 3.9 in x L 7.5 in x D 1 in
Color 1 print

Great for Travel


Passport Holder Travel Wallet

Material Faux leather
Dimensions L 6 in x W 3 in x D 0.3 in
Colors 24 options

Spacious Pouch

Dagne Dover

Skye Essentials Pouch

Material Neoprene or Cotton Canvas
Dimensions L 6 in x W 0.5 in x H 7.5 in
Colors Black, Grey, Cream, Burgundy, Pink Zebra

Shoulder Bag Chic


Chain-Detailed Leather Bike Wallet

Material Leather
Dimensions H 3 in x W 4 in
Colors Black/gold

Long & Slim


Devon Slim Zip Card Case

Material Full grain leather
Dimensions H 6 in x W 2.9 in x D 0.6 in
Colors 15 options

Denim Dream


Alhena Cardholder Flap Wallet

Material Cotton
Dimensions N/A
Color Blue jean

Y2K Nostalgia

Juicy Couture

Juicy Couture Cardholder

Material Acrylic
Dimensions L 2.9 in x D 0.1 in x H 0.4 in
Color Teal/white, Black/pink

Perfectly Plain


Saddle Flap Card Holder

Material Goatskin
Dimensions L 4.5 in x H 3 in x D 1 in
Colors 7 options

Vintage Vibe

Hobo Bags

Lauren Clutch-Wallet

Material Leather
Dimensions W 8.5 in x H 4.5 in X D 1 in
Colors Croc embossed

So Subtle


Saffiano Leather Wallet

Material Leather
Dimensions H 3.9 in x W 3.5 in
Colors Light blue

Wonderful Weave

Bottega Veneta

Small Bi-Fold Zip Wallet

Material Lambskin
Dimensions H 4.5 in x W 3.5 in x D 0.4 in
Colors 9 options

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