When Do New Episodes Come Out?

Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle has returned for its fourth season, and fans can’t get enough.

In the scandalous reality show, 10 singletons compete for a huge cash prize, with just one huge catch: if anyone engages in sexual contact, such as kissing, touching, or self-gratification, the prize fund diminishes—for the entire group. Real money is on the line, and season 3 saw Harry Johnson and Beaux Raymond win a whopping $90,000.

The first five episodes of Too Hot to Handle season 4 arrived on Netflix on Dec. 7. But when does the rest of the season drop?

When will the final Too Hot to Handle season 4 episodes be released?

Luckily, fans don’t have long to wait for the remainder of season 4. The final five episodes are set to hit Netflix on Wednesday, Dec. 14. (It’s a holiday miracle!)

It’s safe to say that the latest season of the reality hit is bigger and better than ever before. In fact, in order to create the fourth season of Too Hot to Handle, Netflix went the extra mile. As host Desiree Burch announced in the trailer, “To attract another batch of clueless cuties, we had to create our biggest fake show yet.” The ten contestants arrived believing that they were taking part in Wild Love, a glossy new series hosted by Saved By the Bell icon Mario Lopez. In the teaser trailer, Lopez explained, “This is Wild Love, the dating show that harnesses the power of adrenaline to help you fall in love harder, and more intensely, than ever. Ten super hot singles are about to push their love lives to the limits.”

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Of course, they were just being duped, and were subsequently introduced to Lana, Too Hot to Handle‘s strict virtual assistant. As for how Lana’s iconic voice was chosen, one of the show’s producers told People, “We definitely chose a Mary Poppins-esque, non-judgmental British female voice. Just for the authority and lack of judgment that we hoped would come across.”

Will there be a fifth season of Too Hot to Handle?

While we’re still awaiting news of a season 5 pickup, it seems likely that Netflix will be bringing back Too Hot to Handle for even more installments. In August 2022, an official Netflix account for the show teased, “Who doesn’t love a cheeky little Cupid? Too Hot To Handle Season 4, and even more ‘naughty’ Netflix dating shows, are on the way.”

It’s worth noting that Love Is Blind already got renewed for a fifth season. We have our fingers crossed that Too Hot to Handle won’t be away for too long.

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