Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF November 7 – 1 3, 2022

Even if you have the wittiest clapback on the tip of your tongue, lean into your tact and diplomacy on Monday, November 7. Someone could test your patience like it hasn’t been challenged in a while! With fair-minded Venus in your sign, you’re a master of the social graces. Yet on Monday, restraining Saturn throws shade at Venus from your foundational fourth house. Before you speak up in a meeting or address any group, take the emotional temperature of the room. Without your being able to recognize it, someone might be spoiling for a fight or feeling defensive. That’s a trap you can’t afford to step in, so look (long and hard) before you leap!

You could wake up on Tuesday, November 8 just “knowing” that you’re ready go “all in” with a relationship, accept someone’s offer of official partnership (or engagement)—or call the whole thing off. That’s the kind of intense energy that comes with a total lunar (full moon) eclipse in Taurus and your seventh house of committed relationships. These far-seeing moonbeams direct your vision past what’s right in front of you and help you imagine a future with (or without) this person. If they’ve been stringing you along or unwilling to take the obvious next step, reclaim your time and your power. Stop waiting for them and let them know what YOU need—and by when! In your harmonious seventh house, this lunar lift will bring opportunities to rebalance the scales in any dynamic duos. Unattached? Keep a very open mind for the rest of the month (and year!). You could meet someone with solid potential who could be quite different from your usual type. If there’s an irresistible attraction and your fundamental values are in sync, it’s worth giving it a shot.

Stand your ground on Friday. Demanding Saturn in your foundational fourth house is squaring the Sun, threatening to destabilize a solid connection. Hit pause and resist all knee-jerk reactions. It’s possible that someone is deliberately pressing your buttons, and this is the perfect way to disappoint them. Remind yourself that, whatever their motive, it’s 99-percent-for-sure not directed at you personally. A relative or close friend might be hurt at some innocent thing you said or did. Or they might be wildly jealous of you and aren’t mature enough to discuss it like adults. Are you disheartened by their behavior—or are you feeling a tad guilty about something you might have done differently? If there is anything you can realistically do to show remorse, do so this weekend. But if this person is simply making a mountain out of a molehill, don’t “honor” it by stooping to their level. And use it as a teachable moment to trust yourself and not reflexively shapeshift to appease others.


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